There is no need of saying much about the fact that essential oils have been used for as long as we can know the history of human kind. And they were used heavily in a cosmetic preparations back in Ancient Egypt. Everybody knows something about Cleopatra and her love of self-care routine.

Essential oils are very potent in many ways including skin care. Usually they are used in their pure form in botanical skin care preparations which you can find these days easily by using internet.

One of my favorite ways is to use face oils because I just love how my skin feels afterwards, it is so soft and smooth and nourished. Especially they can do magic when combined with a gentle face massage after the cleansing (you can see how to make facial oil at home here)

The important part here is of course to pick the right base for your face oil, as there are so many oils to choose from. I had an article earlier about my top base oils for the face which you can read here. Essential oils, even though they are not oils as it is in our understanding, can also play a major part in a skin care. They are strong and potent, and usually used in a combination with the base oils.

Either you choose to buy a ready facial oil (which is so popular these days) or make it yourself (which is very easy in fact) you really need to know which one to use for your skin with your specific issue and results you want to get.

Sometimes I see that some women, like me, just get so amazed about the face oils when other may say it doesn’t work. The reason here I see is that you may use the wrong oil. That’s why I really want to share with you the list of essential oils for different skin types and problems.

To make it even more clear, I’d like you to consider that our skin type may change from time to time, especially during certain days of the month. What is affecting these changes are simple factors such as lifestyle, healthy and not so healthy habits, weather, sleep, stress, hormonal changes, what we eat or drink, dehydration. All of these can literally so much affect the way out skin feels and looks.

Essential oils for normal balanced skin:

Essential oils for normal to dry skin:

Essential oils for normal to oily skin:

Essential oils for sensitive skin:

Essential oils for aging skin:

Essential oils for problem skin really deserves a separate article as there are many different issues that must be addressed like blemished skin, acne, broken capillaries, blackheads or whiteheads. However I still want to share at least the basic set of essential oils that are known to be helpful for problem skin.

Broken capillaries:


Special note: before mixing or applying oils there are few things you need to remember, like:

I hope you find this information helpful. Feel free and confident in using the nature’s gifts for your health and wellness as well as for beauty care. But use it smart.