Solar Plexus Chakra, or as in a Sanskrit Manipura Chakra, is a third energy center in a chakra system. It is located at approximately waist area, between the navel and solar plexus. Its color is yellow. Its element is fire.

Manipura chakra is associated with:

Associated emotions with Manipura chakra are: attachment, confidence, courage, fear, jealousy, disgust, shame

When Manipura chakra is imbalanced:

When Manipura chakra is balanced:

To balance and strengthen your Manipura chakra try relaxation techniques, yoga poses and sequences for solar plexus chakra, meditation, aromatherapy and crystal healing, pranayama, fasting, mindful eating.

Essential oils for Manipura chakra are these that help building the confidence and are protective from the negative influences and energies:

How to use essential oils: diffuse during your yoga and meditation practice, take a relaxing bath, massage, apply around the solar plexus area (pre-diluted)

I wish you a blissful practice,