The Sanskrit name of Sacral chakra is Svadhistana. It is a second chakra in a chakra/energy system and is located at the level of a sacrum (large triangular bone in the lower spine) or about 6 fingers below the navel. Its color is orange.

Svadhistana chakra is associated with:

Associated emotions with Sacral chakra are: intimacy, sensuality, confidence, sociability, desires 

When Sacral chakra is imbalanced you may experience:

When Svadhistana chakra is strong:

To balance Sacral chakra you can do certain yoga poses (asanas) or sequences, meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy.

To help balancing Svadhistana chakra you want to choose essential oils that are warming and deeply sensual, many of them are aphrodisiacs, such as:

How to use essential oils:

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