What can be worse then dry and and flaky skin around your nails? I mean, you do your manicure, in salon or at home, doesn’t matter, and then in couple of hours you end up having this not very soft skin on a place of your cuticle, softly speaking.

As a mom myself, I always have to do wet my hands, clean the house, wash kids multiple times a day, and it affects my hands so badly… I placed filters everywhere, I placed my hand butters near every sink, and still cuticles tend to get so dry and flaky. It’s super disturbing. Especially when I have to shake hands with a teacher, or anyone. That’s the first thing people notice after the face.

I used to buy the nail and cuticle oil from salons, pretty costly, but what to do if you want to keep your hands presentable. But I found out that you can actually make it at home, very easy and simple, quality wise for me it’s a winning option as I find it way more nourishing and softening and of course more natural option to take care of my nails.

You will need:

How to make: 

I hope this little recipe will help you to have a soft and beautiful hands as it does to me.