Hey guys, have you ever had hair problems like hair loss, dry hair or heavily damaged hair? I always knew the natural products are working way better than commercial one. And here is why. I had big hair damages done years ago, and the only way that helped me to restore the hair growth and actual hair was what I learned from my grandma when I was a kid.

Few years ago, I was working for the hair show, and long story short, my hair was dyed to different shades of silver as much as 7 times a day including hair styling. I believe there is no need in telling you how bad was my hair afterwards.

That was the time when I said to myself, that no matter how much is the payment but I’m not doing it again. I literally had blisters on my head from the dyes. I stopped using commercial shampoos way before due to constant itchiness and dryness and switched into organic and softer options. But I had to have serious hair treatment.

The products which might help were way too expensive (60$ for hair mask is a bit too much). So I went back to my grandma’s remedies and combined it with whatever I learned from using essential oils.

And guess what? It worked perfectly well this time too. Firstly I was able to finally brush my hair without loosing it completely, secondly my scalp irritation was quickly healed, and of course no more itchiness, the hair became shiny again, fast growth of new hair, and in just 1 year I had full head of new healthy hair.

So here is what helped me:

Revitalizing hair mask

Melt it in a double boiler and combine it all together, essential oils goes last, apply when still warm on the hair and massage it into the scalp and spread on the length. Leave it for 30 mins to 1 hour by covering with a shower cap and a towel around the head, it need to be warm. After, wash it really nice with a shampoo to remove all the oil from the hair. You can apply a bit of hair conditioner if you wish, but it may not be even necessary. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week.

For the hair rinse herbal waters are the best. You can use chamomile tea for that purpose, just make it as a regular tea but strong one, 3-4 bags of chamomile tea for 1 liter of boiling water, let it cool, then use for the final rinse. Or if you have dry chamomile or tea roses it’s even better. Do the same way, but don’t forget to separate the herbs from the water before rinsing.

Another really great hair rinse can be done by simple apple cider vinegar. It gives really beautiful shine to the hair.

Best oils to use for the hair treatment:

Soothing for the hair essential oils:

Stimulating for the hair essential oils:

Revitalizing for the hair essential oils:

N.B.: Use these essential oils to enhance the benefits of hair masks, conditioners, even hair oils, but use it in moderation. For hair oils keep it at proportions of 5-6 drops of essential oils total for 30 ml (1 oz) carrier oil. For hair mask treatments you can increase the concentration a little up to 18 drops for 30 ml (1 oz) of actual hair mask. Or just add a drop to your regular shampoo.

Hair loss or scalp problems can be an indication to a medical issue or allergy, if you have problem continuously for prolong period of time don’t hesitate to see a specialist and maybe run some tests.

Hope it will help you to have a healthy looking hair.