Hey guys, talking about the concentration…. It doesn’t really matter either you’re a mom or not yet, but when it comes to making things happen staying on focus a lot of time is not the strongest part. Millions of thoughts jumping up and down inside the head, or getting easily distracted on something completely different (this is typically me).

“do the laundry..” or “need to pick up…” or “my nails haven’t seen manicure for ages..” or “I need to call to…” or “stop eating this cookie…” etc.. If you recognize yourself here, which I’m surely do, then you need to try these blends.

They can help you stay focused and to improve your overall concentration. Personally tested and approved.

Diffuser blends to help you stay focused and improve concentration










Sometimes diffusing is not very convenient especially when there are babies around (some essential oils are not recommended to use around babies), or you’re in a crowded place (let’s say in a plane or overcrowded working space) then using roller ball bottles or inhalers are the best options. You can always adjust the formula, but I thought I’ll make easier for you and here are my recipes for roller ball bottles.

10 ml roll-on recipes










You can always make your own.

Stay creative my friend,

Forever yours,