New week started. Kids are at school. After the weekend with never ending “mummy I want this, or I want that, or come here, or let’s play, or I want to eat, or etc…”, well, usual mummy’s business, lots of activities, finally there are few hours for pampering up.

So today is the day! I have a home spa. Done. I don’t even care if dogs are barking. Till I have to pick up my kids from school I have these few hours of relaxation, my quiet mamma hour.

My today’s special treat is cheerful Himalayan pink salt body scrub. Mmmmm, smells yummy, feel super silky and smooth on the skin, in addition it helps to reduce signs of cellulite by naturally improving the blood circulation and adding cellulite fighting essential oils (yes, they are not just for scenting the product).

Because we deserve it

Here is what you need: 

How to make:

Mix you essential oils with sweet almond oil, then add Himalayan pink salt and mix nicely. Voila! You’ve made a body scrub just in few minutes. Now take your time to relax an enjoy this fantastic body scrub.