All right, I have been experimenting again. And this time it was about my hands. I really need to soften and moisturize my skin. Even though I have a dishwasher, but still taking kids to toilet, washing after dogs, doing other stuff around the house, even simply removing the dust from furniture damages the skin on my hands.

And here is the thing, I am addicted to DIYing, I have this need of making my own cream. Not only I feel like home made creams are richer in their consistency, but also they tend to nourish my skin a little bit more. Plus all things are natural!

So here we go… I made a softening hand cream. And here is how I did.

the basics of what you need are here, feel free to use alternatives and extra pans or measuring cups

You will need :

Equipment you will need:

3 simple steps to make the cream, #1 are two double boilers I use for heating the rose water and for melting the wax and oils| then keep on blending


Important: This recipe contains water, which means ideally you need to add preservative to it for longer storage (all creams and lotions, even 100% natural and organic, that are sold in a store have some preservatives added for the shelf life and to protect the product from being spoiled), however you can store it in a fridge, and use it as much as you want, after about 10 days or 2 weeks replace it. Or once you see that it gets spoiled. I usually store mine in a fridge and it lasts for me for up to 3 weeks.