This article I want to dedicate to the art and creativity. I have many artistic friend, including myself, who simply can’t live without expressing their creativity. This is the way of self-expression. Unfortunately there are times when you sort of getting stuck in a process.

To deal with these moments people are using many different ways. Some may get a glass of wine, some do yoga or more spiritual practices, some hit the gym in order to make the energy moving, and some, like myself, open the magic wooden box filled with essential oils.

If you’re obsessed with aromatherapy and essential oils like me this list may give good ideas on which one to try, or even blend together. And if you’re new to essential oils or didn’t fill up your collection yet, may give you some good choices of oils to try.

  1. Bergamot – has soft sweet, fruity, citrus aroma with some slightly herbaceous and peppery nuances; it is a top-middle note; it is very uplifting and balancing, encourages motivation, joy, creativity, harmony.
  2. Frankincense – is resinous with coniferous woody and lemony notes present, it is fresh with spicy nuances; it is a base note; it induces the feeling of emotional stability, ecceptance, encourages inspiration.
  3. Neroli – has strong but light floral aroma, with some citrus floral-green, slightly bitter heart notes; it is a middle note; enourages lightness, regeneration, joy, understanding, creativity.
  4. Rose – has a rich, sweet, smooth rosy aroma, floral with slightly spicy notes, very sensual; it is a middle note; encourages inner vision, happiness, inner freedom, acceptance.
  5. Cypress – has woody, resinous, coniferous with balsamic notes, deep and fresh aroma; it is a middle note; it is balancing, encourages confidence, change, inner peace, understanding, calms the mind.
  6. Lemon – has fresh, sharp citrus note following by sweet lemony notes; it is a top note; it is uplifting essential oil, encourages clarity, direction, concentration, inspiration. 
  7. Geranium – has fresh, rosy, herbaceous, slightly green and sweet aroma; it is a middle note; it is very balancing and soothing essential oil, encourages regeneration, steadiness, imagination and creativity.
  8. Jasmine – has intense, rich, heavy, sweet, floral warm aroma with fruity, spicy undertones; it is a middle note; encourages harmony, optimism, joy, inspiration and imagination.
  9. Clove – has spicy, rich, warm, sweet aroma with fruity and woodsy notes in it; it is a top-middle note; it is stimulating, it encourages inspiration, regeneration, promotes self-assurance  and confidence.
  10. Sandalwood – has persistent soft, sweet-woody, warm aroma with balsamic musky notes present; it is a base note; it encourages harmony, peace, serenity, sensitivity, insightfulness, acceptance, supports meditation and inner unity.
  11. Juniper – has a fresh, earthy, woodsy, sweet, piney and very vibrant aroma; it is middle-base note; it supports vitality, strength, enlightenment, encourages inner vision and reduces the feeling of overwhelming.
  12. Orange – has sweet, light, fresh, fruity, citrus aroma; it is a top note; it is very uplifting and joyful oil, encourages creativity, positivity, self-confidence, regeneration.
  13. Angelica – has earthy, herbaceous, woodsy aroma; it is a base note; it is grounding, encourages focus, comfort, inner vision, inspiration.
  14. Laurel – has fresh, sweet, herbaceous, slightly spicy, camphoraceous aroma; it is middle note; it uplifts the mind, encourages inspiration, confidence and creativity.
  15. Coriander – has fruity, slightly sweet, herbaceous, spicy aroma; it is a middle-top note; encourages imagination, creativity, motivation, optimism, enthusiasm,confidence, expressiveness.
  16. Tangerine – has very bright sweet, citrus, fruity aroma; it is a top note; it is uplifting and calming essential oil, encourages inspiration, tranquillity.
  17. Petitgrain – has citrus, fresh, slightly bitter aroma; it is a middle note; encourages harmony, joy, inner vision, expressiveness, creativity, confidence.

♥ The ones in Italic are my favorites. I find them to work magic on me.

How to use

Simply diffuse around the room or working area, either in a standard diffuser or USB diffuser if working with a pc (I like this little tool, especially when travelling), or also as a roll-on blend they work great.

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Stay creative,