As we live in such hectic world it is very important to be able to stay not only physically but also emotionally healthy. We all know, and probably even noticed on ourselves, how emotions can affect our physical and mental state and vice versa. Unfortunately we can’t just simply avoid stress and hide emotions in our daily life. But we can manage these in many different ways. Aromatherapy happen to be my favorite.

To create this emotional equilibrium may take some time. It’s not a magical stick, but it’s a powerful tool that works on our deepest emotional level.

  1. Lavender helps to release the energy that is “stuck” from the unexpressed emotions, it helps to calm the nervous anxiety which brings us shyness and even embarrassment, it encourages self-expression and has the ability to bring the best of us. Lavender has fantastic healing abilities to our nervous system. It encourages security, gentleness, compassion, vitality, clarity, comfort, acceptance, awareness. In this case it blends especially well with Clary Sage, Geranium, Cypress, Frankincense and Bergamot.
  2. Geranium essential oil promotes the emotional support and inner strength, for these who feel emotional loss, disappointment or deprivation, grief, insecurity, guilt, low self-esteem. Geranium is also known as a female essential oil for its ability to help managing mood swings during menstrual cycle, to reduce the irritability, moodiness, frustration, emotional instability. Is very helpful to alleviate depression, including the post-natal depression. 
  3. Clary Sage is truly amazing essential oil. Firstly, it is known to be one of the most balancing oils for women, it helps to regulate a menstrual cycle, deals with PMS, helps with hot flashes and it is an uterine tonic. It is strengthening but yet it’s relaxing, it is emotionally uplifting, anti-depressive, regulating, Clary Sage promotes the emotional stability. It has the ability to reduce irritability and mood swings like geranium does, but it gently creates this balance between stimulation and relaxation. This oil is very helpful for these who have an emotional conflict inside, these who are feeling confused. Clary Sage is euphoric oil, and therefor is very good for people going through an emotional shock or having too much tension.
  4. Rose essential oil is the love oil, it promotes the ability to awaken the love inside of us even in hardest times. Rose has the ability to heal the emotional wounds, restore the trust, bring the harmony and comfort. This oil is especially good for people who suffer from rejection or loss, for these who lost their self-love, who needs self-nurturing and self-comfort and acceptance. Rose is encouraging contentment, devotion, happiness, unconditional love, inner freedom and vision, purity and sensuality. This is also an euphoric essential oil, and therefor it’s found to be very helpful in fighting the depression and anxiety. 
  5. Bergamot has a regulating effect on the nervous system, it’s deeply calming and has the ability to gently relieve depression and anxiety. Like lavender essential oil it encourages the release of compressed feelings, which in its turn can lead to a depression. It promotes a healthy sleep with its ability to reduce nervous tension and anxiety. Bergamot encourages concentration, confidence, strength and joy. It can calm the mind from negative thoughts or overthinking, Bergamot is one of the most joyful and anti-depressive essential oils. 
  6. Cedarwood Atlas can provide the strength we need in times of crisis, it has the ability to steady our conscious mind and let go to the chaos of thoughts that our mind may have. It is very centering essential oil. Cedarwood is great for mental-emotional instability, fearfulness, agitation, anxiety, disconnection. It promotes confidence, protectiveness, concentration, balance, persistence, focus and strength. 
  7. Marjoram is one of my favorite essential oils. It is relaxing, comforting and warming. Whenever you feel unsupported and lonely use sweet marjoram. It helps to calm the mind and allows the peace to come instead. Marjoram promotes the ability of inner self-nurturing, of communicating with our true self, without any judgement or criticism. It encourages the calm, peace, balance, integrity and sincerity.
  8. Cypress essential oil is very comforting in times of change, it has the ability to pull up the feeling of cohesion and stability. Cypress is a great oil for these who lost their purpose, who feel vulnerable and insecure, or these who feel self-doubt. This oil is encouraging the comfort, change, understanding, balance, stillness, confidence, stability, inner renewal and peace, willpower, inner wisdom and patience.
  9. Frankincense’s ability to relax and revitalize at the same time makes it ideal for conditions like nervous tension and exhaustion. Frankincense is known mostly for its profound spiritual and psychological benefits. It is perfect oil for meditations, it has the ability to deepen the breath, clear and calm the mind from the cacophony of thoughts, increase the concentration and focus the spiritual consciousness, bring the awareness. Frankincense can induce the feelings and emotional stability, tranquility, enlightenment,  protection, courage, acceptance and inspiration, and at the same time has the ability to uplift the mood. There is no surprise that Frankincense was and still is one of the most valuable oils in religions and spiritual practices. 
  10. Hyssop traditionally was considered as a “Herb of Protection” to defend from negative influences and evil spirits. It is also a very spiritual essential oil. Hyssop has the ability to sharpen awareness, strengthen the sense of personal boundary, to bring the tolerance and understanding. It promotes acceptance, unconditional love, fulfillment, encouragement, clarity, balance and harmony to our emotions. For these reasons Hyssop combines really well with Cedarwood, Bergamot, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium and Marjoram.

For supporting your emotions it’s good to diffuse these oils in the room, taking bath or applying topically. Just as a quick note, don’t forget to dilute your oils before the topical application. Some of the oils have to be used with cautions, like Clary Sage (avoid during pregnancy, or during the alcohol consumption – can make you really drunk), Hyssop (avoid diffusing it near kids, avoid during pregnancy, avoid if you have epilepsy, can cause irritation to sensitive skin with topical application), Bergamot (this is highly phototoxic essential oil, do not expose your skin to the UV light for 12-18 hours after the topical application).

Remember to use only high quality essential oils in order to benefit from their uses. My choice of essential oils you can find here.