Have you ever had hard time calming little kids? I was struggling for hours sometimes to calm them down. Especially it was really hard at evenings right before going to bed. My mom used to tell me, give them a bath, all kids love it, they will sleep easily…. Well, maybe it works to some kids, but definitely not with mine. Each time we start our bed-time routine, like taking bath, wearing pajamas and going to bed, they would just get so energized.

Or, the other issue I had difficulties with, was their tantrum right after waking up from the day nap. This part was the most challenging for me. I felt like I need a bottle of some tranquilizers for myself.

All that was going on and on, until I started practicing my aromatherapy. To be honest, it was for my own mental health. But I found really good stuff how aromatherapy can be also beneficial for kids. And this was really exciting for me, because when I started applying these little tips it worked. I can’t say that my kids are ideal now in terms of not having moodiness, but it just becomes so much easier for me and for them to deal with all that extra emotions. And I’m happy to say that the sleep pattern improved.

There are a number of essential oils which are safe and good to use with even little kids and babies. There is an awesome book on this topic written by Valery Ann Worwood, Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child. So I just started to diffuse some oils before sleep, and right after they wake up. And slowly I started seeing a progress in their moods. Now it is a part of our routine. I want to share here some of the oils I use for the calming reason and find really beneficial.

Lavender is the most common and one of the most safe and calming for kids. It helps to calm down, helps to release the negative emotions, helps with overwhelming, promotes a healthy sleep. This is a great oil to diffuse around the sleeping time, and in general can be used on any occasion. It has nice soft floral, little bit fresh and herbaceous aroma. Kids tent to love this aroma and even ask me to sniff it from time to time.

Roman Chamomile is another my favorite essential oil to use with kids. It is also very calming and relaxing, great to help dealing with anxiety, sadness, overwhelming, nervousness. It promotes calmness and emotional stability, which is really what they may need in times of tantrums. Aroma is fruity and sweet, fresh, herbaceous, even reminiscent of apples. Kids love its smell and I usually love to mix it with Lavender or Tangerine essential oil.

Tangerine essential oil is really one of kids favorite. It’s very cheerful, emotionally uplifting and yet calming and soothing oil. One of the best to use during day time. It smells amazing, it’s sweet, light, citrusy and fruity. It can be used on it’s own or can be blended with Lavender or Chamomile, which can enhance the benefits of both oil. Tangerine is really good to diffuse when your kid feels sad or disturbed.

These are the tree essential oils that I started using around my kids. And to be honest I loved the results I was receiving. Alone with them I also became calmer. That’s also a very good bonus. I don’t much use oils topically with kids, but I do diffuse them in the room during the day and of course closer to evening. Sometimes I put them in a roller-ball bottle, diluting them of course in advance, and in that way I find it very comfortable carrying it around. I can easily apply it to their neck if we are in public. And they love it, they think sometimes that it’s a perfume like mommy or daddy is using. Much healthier option for kids then a normal perfume based on alcohols and synthetic fragrances in my opinion.