About Me

Hi, I’m Anna. This blog was originally inspired by my love towards aromatherapy and it’s incredible benefits that I’ve experienced.

The more I used essential oils for emotional support and to enhance my spiritual practices more I was led towards rediscovering myself and understanding the power within everyone of us to be our own creators. And so my journey started.

I believe that we all are born limitless, but as we grow older our minds are getting programmed to work in a certain direction and create certain beliefs (which become our belief system) which quit often limit our true potential. When the life is not taking the right turn all we need to do is to go within and seek the answers inside of us. As we do so, we start peeling off layers and layers of our beliefs which automatically expands our awareness and consciousness and opens new door and new possibilities for us to grow spiritually and mentally. There is so much more behind the veil which we just don’t notice or just refuse it to exist. By sharing what has helped me, my thoughts and what I believe into I want to inspire others to open up their awareness and become the best version of themselves.

With love,