About Me

Hi, I’m Anna. This blog was originally inspired by my love towards aromatherapy and the incredible benefits I’ve experienced.

During my path of self-discovery I studied many modalities from aromatherapy to energy healing. They all worked beautifully and all put their own imprints on me and helped me to awaken to my true self (which I was denying for many years). I’m still on a beautiful journey, and this blog is one of my ways to share my experience and inspire others to release mental and emotional blocks, awaken intuition and inner power, find their gifts and align with their soul’s desire.

We are constantly manifesting, either consciously or unconsciously. A lot of it comes down to our belief system, and of course our feelings. The Universe responds to what we send out, to what we feel, to what we believe, to what we vibrate. Let’s upgrade our vibes and attract more abundance in all areas of life.

With love,