Experiencing Angelic Realm

I want to share my personal experience of Angelic Realm. What it is, their communication, what’s vibrational signature, space and time.

Angelic Realm exists at the same time with us but they operate at a different frequency, on a different vibration. Angels don’t have physical body the same way we do. Angelic Realm is a place of duality, place of polarities, like good and bad. Angels also have their own opinions. This realm also has layers of dimensions, where on some dimensions angels keep their gender and on some they do not have gender, it’s a pure energy.

Angels communicate through the vibration. Early in a practice where I just started to communicate with my guardian angels more closely and more often, one of the questions I asked my guardian angel was “how do you communicate and why different people perceive and receive the exact same information but they would name it in different words. And why two different people  who communicate with exact same guardian angel they would give a different name?”

The answer was “you see Anna, we operate at a different frequency and in our realm we do not have language as you have in your realm. We do not have the names as you have in your realm. In your realm you have this need to name the object in order to identify it.” For them instead of names they have what is called a vibrational signature. It’s a unique vibrational frequency which identifies a specific Divine Being.

The way I personally receive it, and often I do receive it this way, I would receive a vibrational frequency, a unique vibrational sound or melody  which belongs specifically to that Divine Being. And then in my mind I would find the word which is the closest representation to that particular vibration. Sometimes I don’t have word so I only remember the frequency.

And on question why different people receive information differently the answer was that they give a vibrational frequency as an information and according to the state of consciousness of a human being, to their belief system, they will interpret that information with the closest representation for that frequency. They will find these words which are the closes representation of that frequency and deliver it in their language what it means.

Time and Space doesn’t exist the way it exists for us. They don’t have the understanding of time and space the way we do. Past, present and future all coexists at the same time. They also don’t have this understanding of distance they way we do, they can be at the same time in different places.

My experience

The more I was exploring and connecting to that realm, more angels started to come to me and reveal themselves. Once in a deep state of meditation my consciousness sort of split. One part of my consciousness was present in my body, I knew I’m in a meditation, when another part was communicating with guardian angels, another part was communicating with archangels, another part was communicating with a group of Divine Beings, and another part was connected with the Laws and learning some virtues. All of that was happening simultaneously, all at the same time.

After I came back from meditation I was absolutely mind blown. I could remember every single conversation I had. When in reality I obviously can’t communicate with multiple people at the same time, I have to talk to one person then another and another. But in that state and realm my mind was able to experience all of that all at the same time.

Have a beautiful day,