Exploring Angelic Realm With Crystal And Essential Oil Energies

To experience the Realm of Angels and Divine Beings on a deeper level, to have more clear visions and to get more clear guidance I often use such tools like crystals and essential oils. These tools allows me to access that realm, that dimension with more ease and have better experience. And I love to combine both crystals and oils during my meditation when I want to communicate with my guardian angels, angels and archangels.

From what I have already tried I want to share my favorite crystals and oils, which I find to be very powerful when it comes to experiencing other dimensions.


Crystals have their own vibrations, they let us naturally raise our vibration, our energy and transcend our consciousness during the meditation. Also when using crystal grids we can create this vortex of energy which takes us to Angelic Realms with more ease and allows us to experience it in all its glory.

Selenite has beautiful high vibration energy, helps to access angelic realms, helps to bring my consciousness to that realm. I often meditate with selenite. 

Amethyst is very powerful, also very calming and soothing, helps to relax and go to angelic realm with ease.

Angelite is one my first crystals and is my favorite for communicating with angels. It’s energy is very close to angelic realms and it helps to easily connect me to that realm.

Malachite is very soft and gentle, helps to open heart chakra; blue lace agate helps with communication, moon stone, clear quartz – both are affecting our crown chakra which is important for accessing this type of information.

Lapis lazuli helps to transcend the consciousness, open third eye chakra and helps to have more clear visions, open clairvoyant abilities.

Larimar helps to connect to angels, and it also helps to connect to elementals (nature spirits; not from angelic realms).

Aquamarine has very calming energy and helps to receive divine information with ease.

Essential oils. I love to diffuse them during my meditations, also I love to place some of them to the bottom of my feet, on the temples and on the area of the third eye chakra.

Frankincense is highly spiritual essential oil, I love to put it on the bottom of feet, temples, third eye chakra, wrists. It helps to transcend the consciousness and to reach deeper state of meditation.

Rose is one the highest vibrational essential oil, helps to connect to angelic realms, also the scent of Rose essential oil invites Divine beings. Each time I diffuse rose I often feel the presence of these beings in my space.

Angelica root is at the same time keeps me grounded and brings my energy and consciousness to another level, helps to access another realm and have this switch during the meditation where my consciousness goes into different dimension.

Spikenard is highly vibrational essential oil to meditate with.

Another oils which I find powerful are lavender, clary sage, neroli, myrrh, ciste, ledum, palo santo, sandalwod, helichrysum.

Helichrysum has high vibration, helps to open third eye chakra, open our vision, clairvoyance, helps to see and receive these messages with more clarity, transcends our consciousness and helps to access the angelic realms with more ease and grace.

Why do I like to make roller ball blends. Some of the essential oils are safe to apply neat when other are better to be diluted. Plus it saves my budget. For example, if I use such oils like rose, frankincense neat continuously they gonna run out very fast. So having them in a blend is a beautiful way to experience their energy and at the same time save the cost.

Have a beautiful day,