Visualization Is Simple

Have you noticed what is in common between manifestation, different energy healing modalities, inner child work, various meditation designed for relaxation, balancing and aligning chakras, aura cleansing? It’s visualization, or we can even call it creative visualization.

To put it simply creative visualization can be described as a mental process of creating and shaping a new reality for us by using our imagination and all of our senses. Creative visualization can benefit us in many different ways. It can help us with healing process, help to ease physical pain, alleviate some of the psychological and emotional pains, help to attract new reality, new opportunities, new possibilities, abundance into our life.

It is a pretty easy how to do it. And everyone can actually do it, regardless of your ability to imagine and see pictures in your mind. You can feel it, sense it, and sensing and feeling it is very important here.

There is one way to practice it which I personally do and find to be very easy and simple yet effective. There few question which you need to keep in mind whenever you’re practicing visualization (it makes it simple, ask what, how does it feels like, describe everything in your mind).

Find a quiet space so nobody would disturb you, close your eyes, focus on what you want to visualize, your desired outcome. Ask yourself:

  • what do you see
  • what it feels like
  • how do you feel
  • what emotions are withing you
  • what do you experience
  • if there is a smell, how does it smell like
  • if there is a taste, how does it taste like
  • if there is a touch then how is it on touch, is it hot or cold
  • describe every single detain in your head

If you do it for the purpose of healing, see the problem and visualize the whole process of healing is taking place,

  • the healing is happening
  • how does it looks like
  • what kind of colors can you see
  • what does it feel like
  • what do you feel during that process
  • see it to complete itself till the very end until the healing is completed and then
  • feel it, sense it
  • what does it feel like when it is completed
  • how does it feels like to be healed
  • what kind of emotions are coming into the surface
  • what kind of outcome can you see?

If you’re manifesting for something to happen into your life, describe every single detail, think about that it is possible, believe in it, it is possible, it is happening, feel it that it’s happening, feel it and sense it as if it is already happened and it’s a fact, it’s a new reality.

A lot of time I can see why it’s not working for some people during the manifestation, for example. They visualize, they feel it, they sense it but they don’t really believe in it, they try to figure out and find the connection between these dots about the how from my current situation I can possibly go there and they try to focus on HOW.

They start feeling discouraged and really not believing into that possibility of a new reality they try to manifest. Don’t focus on HOW, focus exactly on WHAT you want to see and achieve. Feel it, sense it, what it feels like, believe in it, see the opportunities and that it’s possible for you ta have it, that the change is already happening, that it’s already happened. And the question how will come naturally in a form of opportunities, new ideas, certain situations, people that you will meet.

If you’re using visualization for the healing purposes, you really need to focus on the whole healing process that is taking place, you need to visualize, feel it, sense it , maybe with colors or light to see that the healing is taking place, the healing is happening and it’s already happened, and you can see the outcome from the healing process. Once you see the outcome, you can feel it, you can sense it, you can have some emotions attached to it. Once you see the whole process happening and you can see the outcome, that is when most likely it will take place.

Have a beautiful day,