What Actually Is Vibrational/Subtle/Energetic Aromatherapy

What actually is vibrational, subtle or energetic aromatherapy and how is it used? At first let’s understand what aromatherapy is. Aromatherapy can be explained as a controlled use of essential oils in order to maintain and to promote our overall wellness, which includes our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being.

On a physical level essential oils are used to on our actual physical body for the purpose of healing and maintaining a healthy body. Essential oils carry their own unique healing properties from the plant. In this way aromatherapy is considered as alternative medicine.

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When we use essential oils to support our emotional and mental health, they work mainly through our olfactory system. Once aromatic molecules of essential oil are inhaled, they travel through our olfactory system, which has multiple complex processes, and reaches the lymbic system, where basically our emotions and memories are stored.

For spiritual well-being essential oils are used in a non-physical way in order to enhance and support our spiritual wellness. Here essential oils are affecting our subtle body, our energy field, also known as aura. They can also affect our physical body by influencing our energy field. And that’s what actually called subtle, vibrational or energetic aromatherapy.

To understand it better let’s go back to physics. There is a statement that states “nothing in the universe is still. Everything is energy that vibrates on its own frequency”. If everything is energy than we are also energy, we also consist of energy and have energy field. The plant is also energy, it also has its own energy that vibrates in its own unique frequency.

Now what is essential oil? Essential oil is a volatile compound that is extracted from the various plants and various plant parts.

When essential oil is extracted from a plant it carries the energy of that plant and that specific plant part. That’s how we can use them in order to affect our own energy in a beneficial way.

Vibrational aromatherapy is mainly used for visualization, auric massage, meditation, to enhance and to deepen the meditation, to help us to connect with the Universe. It is used to remove energy blocks, to balance chakras. And chakras are energy centers in our subtle body. It’s used to activate meridian points and to create a free flow of energy QI (chi), which comes from the Chinese tradition, which is an equivalent to the energy calls Prana from the yogic tradition.

Energy of essential oils are also used in various spiritual and religious ceremonies and practices. Here they were used by shamans, by our ancestors way before we even knew what is aromatherapy or essential oil. They used the energy of plants in different forms, like smudges and wood sticks to burn and purify the energy.

Also vibrational aromatherapy is often used in cleansing bath preparations, to cleanse and purify the energy. They are used to cleanse the living space from the negative or stuck energy, to cleanse our energy field or aura from the influence of negative energy and to remove energy blocks or stuck energy. And they are also use for energy protection purposes, to shield off the negative influence of bad energy, to deflect psychic attack or evil eye protection, to protect our aura from energy vampires.

In fact, there are many ways to use essential oils on energetic level, there is no right or wrong way to use them here, as long as it works. When used right they can create really phenomenal results.

From my personal experience, I use essential oils very often during my meditations (that’s how I was able to meditate originally) to enhance and to deepen my meditation. I find it to be very helpful to enable me to really connect with the higher consciousness, to really transcend with the nature and the universal energy.

I also find essential oils to be extremely beneficial to cleanse my living space from the negative or stuck energy, and to protect my aura from the influence of negative energies from the outside, when I go to the crowded place, or when I’m in a contact with energy vampire.

I hope this gives you a bit of more understanding on what actually is vibrational, subtle or energetic aromatherapy. It has many names. And gives you more ideas on how essential oils can be used on energy level to enhance and support our spiritual journey.

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