10 Simple Ways To Increase Our Vibrations

Nothing in the Universe is still. Everything consists of energy or light which resonates at a vibratory frequency. Everything, including us, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, has its own vibrational frequency. What we experience in this specific moment will express our vibrations.

When we are in a high vibrational state we experience positive emotions, feeling of joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction. In that state we attract positive circumstances, situations and experiences in our life.

When we are in low vibrational state we are in a negative emotional state, we feel sad, depressed, angry, fearful, miserable, powerless. As a result of that we will attract in our life the circumstances and experiences that will match to that low vibrational state we are in.

“Whatever is active in your vibration, the universe will find a way to deliver it to you, right down to the last detail” – Esther Hicks

In order to live more vibrant life, being in a state of joy, experience the best we can in life we can consciously rise our vibrations by doing simple actions on a daily basis. As the principle of resonance states when two frequencies come together the lower one rises to meet the higher frequency. Here I want to share the easiest and commonly used ways how to attune your frequency to a new level.

1.Positive thinking. You are what you think you are. Negative thoughts produce negative energy which manifests as low vibrations in our subtle body. Needless to say that negative thinking makes us feel bad, miserable, create endless amount of fear and hate. Sometime circumstances are against us, which automatically create negative thinking and attitude within us. Being aware of what kind of thoughts are getting the most highlight in our minds is very important. We have the power within us to change our thoughts, to shift our focus from negative to positive (or change the perception of it), which will in its turn rise our vibrations and create positive energy within.

2.Keep moving. Any physical activity is a great way to release stuck energy and rise your body’s vibrations. When you exercise your body releases the hormone endorphin which creates positive feeling within us, which can make us feel euphoric even. Do any type of physical activity which makes you feel good, it can be literally any kind from yoga and tai chi to hard core workout, boxing, jogging or simply walking in the park.

3.Aromatherapy. Essential oils are extracted from living plants, they hold the energy of that plants. They all have their unique set of vibrational frequencies, which resonates with the actual plants and even higher. When using essential oils which holds its specific energetic aspect it will make you to get in tune with its energy, which will naturally rise your vibrations. In addition aromatherapy is excellent for emotional support, emotional release and healing, which in its turn helps to rise our vibrations.

4.Gemstones and crystals. Crystals hold a resonance of the earth’s magnetic field and the qualities of the elements that formed them. Each crystal holds its own unique frequency. that works harmoniously with our energy field. Crystals can transform frequencies of dissonance into the frequency of harmony with their strong energy.

5.Sound. Sound can both heal and destroy, can make us feel good or bad. You can do sound therapy or simply listen to the sound at home, there are plenty vibrational music recordings available on youtube, one of my favorite is with a frequency of 432 Hz which is known to stimulate the heart center and bring happiness and harmony.

6.Meditation. It’s a really universal practice, it gives us peace of mind, clear our energy field, helps to restore our energy, rise our vibrations. You can do it any time, however the best time to do it is early morning and evening to keep yourself in a state of inner harmony and peace. There are no single way to meditate, find yours. Here I can include prayer as well, as it works similarly as meditation does.

7.Kindness. Practicing random acts of kindness helps to rise our vibrations. Have you ever noticed how it makes you feel every time you do something good to other people or living creature? You can help an old person to cross the road, help with groceries, give a flower, compliment another person, safe an animal. Kindness creates miraculous feelings to both giver and receiver.

8.Nature heals. Nature is always in a harmonious energy flow, it has no resistance. Nature helps to clear our energy, our thoughts, helps to attune our vibrations if we have low frequency to a higher one in order to match the nature itself. Spending time in a park, near water, near trees, in a desert helps to reach the inner state of peace and balance by simply being there and listening to the nature.

9.Get creative. Creativity is vital force of our living. It has no boundaries, it sets us free in our imagination and sense of freedom creates a feeling of joy within us. Any creative work will make the energy flow and rise our inner vibrations. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy creativity, it can be anything that makes your imagination work: painting, music, dancing, sculpting, molding, mixing, baking, blending essential oils (love it), you name it.

10.Be authentic. Have you ever spend time around little kids? They are so pure, joyful, bright, fearless, their vibrations are so high that you can literally rise your own by just being around them. All that is because they didn’t learn yet to put on masks to hide their true identity, they have no shame, no guilt, no anger, no fear. They are who they are.

We can go on and on about the ways to rise our vibrations. These 10 are the ones I find the most used and practical ways, the ones that I personally do and find helpful. I did not include the food here on purpose though, as I believe that healthy eating is a way of living and sustaining our healthy body, and the other sides of good healthy foods are complimenting our body with its multiple benefits.

Have a good day,