Misunderstanding Or Pitfalls Of Aromatherapy P. 4

My last and final part about misunderstanding of aromatherapy, if you’ve missed previous parts you can find part 1, part 2, part 3 here.

8.Energetic aspect. Essential oils do have energetic aspect, same like plants have. They’ve been use for thousands of years for spiritual purposes. Yet it’s good to understand that when you use essential oils for, let’s say, meditation, they do not immediately put you into enlightenment or higher dimension. They enhance your practice, more like an accelerators, by promoting that meditative state which is great for the actual practice.

Another point here, when talking about the energetic aspect, is that synthetic oils do not have it, so the quality again comes into place (I love essential oils from YoungLiving for their quality). For understanding how it works you can read my article about subtle aromatherapy.

For example, I couldn’t meditate at the beginning due to my high emotional imbalances, I couldn’t sit still even for a minute. So using aromatherapy was very calming for me. Eventually I was able to meditate. Aromatherapy helped me to clear my head, get more centered and focused, deepen the breath, sharpen my senses, which all played a big role in my journey. Using aromatherapy on energetic, spiritual level is one of my most used ways these days.

I hope I covered the most misleading aspects of aromatherapy. Of course it’s a huge topic to discuss, but what is most important is to understand how it works and use it with maximum benefits to you.

We all are different and have different perceptions, whatever I wrote about here are my personal questions, trials and errors, what I have learned from over the years of using essential oils and facing different kinds of information. My goal here was to give some light on the different dimensions of using essential oils on a daily life, be it totally physical aspect, mental/emotional or spiritual aspect.

Have a good day,