Misunderstanding Or Pitfalls Of Aromatherapy P. 3

As a continue part of my article, I have here my part 3 of misunderstanding of aromatherapy, which I here also call a pitfall. If you missed previous parts you can read part 1 and part 2 here.

6.Emotions and aromatherapy. Emotions are very complex. Aromatherapy from its side works very well, and compliments literally all type of methods that are used to resolve emotional issue. Yet, due to its complexity, do not expect to forget about your problem after a couple of sniffs or do not expect that your emotional issue will get resolved by itself once you start using essential oils. Essential oils are more of a catalyst to you to start resolving your emotional issues.

That’s not how it actually works. First of all it takes time, and when dealing with emotional issues it may take even longer time. It doesn’t resolve the problem itself, you will be the one to do so, but the beautiful part of aromatherapy is that it does help tremendously to get deeper into the problem, to soften the not-so-pleasant outcomes from facing your emotions, helps with our perception.

They are extremely calming for the nervous system (especially when you feel sad, stressed, heartbroken, angry), and can be also very uplifting (when you feel apathetic, depressed, tensed, mentally exhausted).

They are very helpful to excess the old memories and suppressed emotions, especially when working on it with other specific technics. It takes time, for some people it can be fast for some may take a long time. Be patient.

For example, from personal experience, I used to diffuse roman chamomile for my son few years ago, yet myself was in a deep depressive state. Over a month I noticed that I feel better, and I sleep better. I took some initiative to learn about it. It took me about a year in total to get over my depressive mode by using aromatherapy consistently and experimenting with different oils. That’s when I felt in love with it.

7.Not all essential oils are equal. This is an absolute truth, when using essential oils you need to know that you’re using actually high quality pure essential oils, not the synthetic oil designed for scenting the house. That’s when many people say that essential oils don’t work, and even make it worse.

Yet it doesn’t mean that you have to buy only the most expensive oils in the world in order to guarantee their potency. There are many companies that sell high quality of essential oils, your job is to do research and find your favorite essential oil brand. In terms of price I think it’s clear that if you buy 20 ml of melissa essential oil from supermarket for 10$ inside of that bottle you’ll find anything but not melissa essential oil.

Spend a bit of time to see what’s on the market, compare, learn where that oils come from, how many third men involved (best is of course if company owns the distillery and fields, but it’s not always the case), do they specialize on essential oils or they produce totally irrelevant products and plus essential oils.

For example, when I was buying my first essential oils I was searching for oils that I can trust and feel good to use around my kids. I tried several brands, most of which I found good, but at the end I stick with one (YoungLiving), which I loved the most, which resonates with me at the highest level, and that are even safe to ingest. 

For the sake of reading I broke my article into smaller parts, and I still couldn’t fit my last part here, so you can read my part 4 here.

Have a good day,