Misunderstanding Or Pitfalls Of Aromatherapy P. 2

This is a continue part of my article about the pitfalls of aromatherapy, or better to say misunderstanding of essential oils. The beginning is in part 1.

4.Ingesting essential oils. This is highly controversial topic. I think everybody has their own opinion regarding it. Some aromatherapist agree with it some don’t. The main misleading here comes regarding using essential oils as a substitute to your daily supplements. What is important to know, either you support the internal usage or not, is that essential oils do not carry vitamins and minerals. Ingesting them on a regular daily basis can cause serious health problems (if used internally it’s usually only for a short term use). Yet in some cases it may be helpful, when used correctly and with care. I would suggest to do your personal proper research on this subject. (regarding this topic, Dr. Z does a really good research on this subject)

For example, I have essential oil blend in capsules, I have no health issues, and when getting flu I tend to take 1-2 capsules during the day and feel that my immune system is stronger and I don’t get that sick. Yet if I practice taking them daily I would feel uncomfortable in my stomach (personal experience, so I use them rarely in this way). But I do like to add a drop of essential oil to enhance the taste while cooking sometimes. 

5.High expectations in short term or lack of patience. A lot of times I see people treat essential oils like a magical drop, use it once and get rid of a problem. Well, that’s not a case. It takes time to see results. Even conventional medicine can’t provide this kind of option like take once and forget about the problem.

Think of sleep problems. You didn’t get it just like that out of blue. It was most likely going on for some time, more and more tension was accumulation in your body. A drug will of course nock you out (after long usage it doesn’t, you need to increase the dosage which is dangerous, personal experience), but think of it on a long run. If you have nervous system issue, it will take time to bring it back to balance.

Aromatherapy does take time to show results, in fact it gives results, but slowly, that it may seem like nothing really happens but if to compare with the gap of a month, you will be surprised.

For example, my husband doesn’t believe in aromatherapy. He was experiencing big stress at work which resulted in a sleep problems. I didn’t insist, I simply diffused some oils at evening, and put on him aromatherapy blend in a roll-on. After several days he started to go to bed earlier, and sleeping less disturbed. Next time he had an issue he asked me for oils.

For the sake of reading I broke this article into smaller parts. Read my part 3 here, or come back to part 1.

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